Using your gifts

July 29, 2020

Scripture Readings

In our Romans passage for today, the body of believers is compared to the human body. In our bodies, each part plays a fundamental part in making sure it works the way it’s created to. When one part is unhealthy or injured, our body does not work to its full potential. The same can be said of the church – each believer has been given spiritual gifts, and we are asked to use them to serve both God and the body of Christ. If no one uses the gifts God has given them, the church suffers. But when everyone uses their gifts collectively, amazing things can happen.

It might be difficult for you to be actively using your spiritual gifts in a COVID world, as church life looks so much different. However, when we think outside the box, there are still ways to continue blessing others. One of my spiritual gifts is leading others in worship. As many of you probably know, I am involved on the worship teams here at the church. I have been fortunate to be able to continue serving on the worship teams during COVID. Although it looks quite different than previously, I am grateful for this opportunity. I have also been inspired to start a music Instagram account – this is another opportunity for me to bless others with the love of Christ through sharing worship songs that are meaningful to me.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to think about what spiritual gifts God has given you and ask how you are using them to bless others – even during this season. The way you use your gifts in these times may be different, but I believe that if you are willing, God will give you opportunities and empower you to use them.

Kaia Gibbons

Pastor Tim’s daughter, singer and keyboardist on worship team, a faithful follower of Christ who also bakes amazing cookies!