Stumbling block

Aug. 1, 2020

Scripture Readings

Today’s passages are ones that shouldn’t be easy or comfortable to read. We often like to look at the “feel good” passages, or the ones that offer comfort and encouragement. While there is nothing wrong with reading these often- highlighted passages that can be found in tattoos or home décor, we also miss the opportunity to learn more about our creator through the less “Pinterest-worthy passages”. I bet not one person has the verse “Remember how fleeting is my life. For what futility you have created all humanity?” displayed proudly in their kitchen. How often are we guilty of ignoring these passages altogether? We do not have a fair-weather God and because of that, we do not have a fair-weather Bible. Psalms 89 encompasses feelings of anger, grief, loss and hopelessness that either are, or will be, a part of your walk. These types of passages give us permission to wrestle and fight and doubt with God. If we only stick to the pretty and encouraging Psalms, we lose out on a part of the bible that delves into real, deep and sometimes painful emotion. As a youth pastor of mine once said, “Yell and scream at God if you want to. Not only can he take it but he will love you, not despite, but because of it.” 

Our New Testament passage is also one that should challenge and convict us. Have you ever been the cause of another person stumbling in their faith? Although Paul’s original message is related to food and the old customs of Jewish laws, it can be extrapolated to our lives. Do we have any behaviors that are fine for us but could cause someone else to stumble in their faith? We have a God who is filled with grace but that cannot be viewed as a catch-all for our actions and behaviors. There is a level of accountability that we as Christians have to have in regards to those around us. As you finish reading the passages today, examine your life and prayerfully discern if there is any things you have done or are doing that have caused others to stumble in their faith. 


Emily Anderson

Summer Kids Camp Director and all-round amazing young adult!