God's truth

Aug. 10, 2020

Scripture Readings

The start of Solomon’s reign, when he asked for wisdom to rule, was a beautiful and victorious moment. What a man for Israel to put their hope in! A man praised for his wisdom. And yet, we know that he lost his way.

Why Solomon did what he did, I can only guess. But for all of his extravagance and enthusiasm, perhaps he overlooked some guidance that God had already provided. Take a look at Deuteronomy 17:14-20. Moses relayed God’s specific instructions for a king; things like don’t take horses from Egypt, don’t take too many wives and don’t accumulate too much money. When I read it, it seems like these things were written after Solomon’s life! Today’s passage from 2 Chronicles spoke directly to some of these, while elsewhere we can read about the rest. I wonder how the story would read if Solomon had kept to Moses’ advice, by keeping God’s law in his heart with reverence and humility. I wonder what effect it would have had on the generations to follow him. Instead, his disregard for God’s law eventually led to a divided heart.

We, too, have received truth and instruction. Consider what we read today from 1 Corinthians about disputes, sexual purity, unity with Christ, resurrection and how believers must not live their lives. Or from Psalm 94 about God’s awareness, justice and discipline. All of these topics are complicated and hard.

God’s law for Solomon wasn’t convenient, but it was relevant. In the same way, we have been given truth in a world full of continually shifting ideas. Let’s not disregard truth when it doesn’t suit us, but dive in headfirst to understand God’s heart for His creation. I expect that, like me, you were disturbed or captivated by something you read today. I encourage you to dig into your bible and explore what God has to say about it. We need to be a people who keep God’s truth written on our hearts.


Dallas Fowler

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