Today, if you hear his voice

Aug. 13, 2020

Scripture Readings

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was a lost, confused, wandering and wondering young adult.  Did I really believe everything I was being taught at Bible School? Did I really want to follow Jesus?  Was I missing out on something by choosing to embrace this Christian journey I was on? After a Christmas break, I reluctantly made my way back to college in Saskatchewan, with many more questions and doubts that answers and peace.

Shortly into the semester, we had our annual “Spiritual Emphasis Week” with a guest speaker each night. My attendance at the meetings was done out of obligation and without delight or expectation. The entire week, I debated with the speaker in my mind and questioned everything he said. The final night, our president spoke words like the words from Psalm 95:8, “Today, if you hear God’s voice, do not harden your hearts like the Israelites did. A hard heart is the pathway to a barren soul.” 

I reluctantly responded to the invitation to become more intentional in my pursuit of Jesus. I prayed daily, though, I felt most of the prayers never reached past the ceiling tiles in my dorm room. I read the Scriptures daily, but rarely heard the whispers of God. Until one day, my prayers seemed more authentic, and God began to speak to me through his Word. Soon, my heart was warmed by the Spirit, and my relationship with Jesus became alive again, and the doubts diminished.

Today’s Psalm gives us all kinds of admonitions. We are to sing, shout, come, extol, bow down and kneel. Why? Because “the Lord is a great God, the great King above all gods … For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.”  (Ps. 95:3,7)  

Despite how we may feel, God is still God. Our belief in him might waver, but his belief in us never fails. He is the God who speaks, and more than anything, we need to hear his voice. If your heart is even remotely hard, today invite the Spirit to soften it and allow him to speak into your story. The Corinthians were struggling with issues around marriage and food sacrificed to idols. Life is not easy. 

Solomon exhorted us in Eccl. 7:13 to “consider what God has done.” It is in turning to him and in inviting him to speak into our lives that we find our way and eventually hear his voice.

May our always be soft to God and open to one another.  Good things happen when we listen well.

Be blessed this day, all day and every day!

Ian Trigg

Lead Pastor and blessed to see the world with Joyce, his wife and best friend.