Merciful Creator God

Aug. 2, 2020

Scripture Readings

In Romans 15 Paul confirms the amazing truth that Jesus, the promised Messiah, brought to the world through the Israeli nation, is the God for all people. When we accept him as our personal Lord and Sav-ior, we are the benefactors of that unwarranted provision.

In this passage Paul affirms that we, as Christ’s church, have been given knowledge of God and are “filled with goodness” (v. 14). As his followers, we are then called to:

· Care for the weak and infirm (v. 1)

· Carry the message of hope to our neighbors and communities (v. 2)

· Glorify God together in like-mindedness with the body of faith (v. 5-6)

· Encourage and admonish one another (v. 14)

· Minister to each other for both spiritual and fleshly sustenance (v. 27)

· Strive together and be prayerful in all things (v. 30)

Let’s all examine our faith walk and check for these ways we are serving his kingdom with the help of his Holy Spirit.  Then we will receive Paul’s prayer of blessing that ends the chapter, 

“May the God of peace be with you all.” In Psalm 90 Moses observes that we worship a pure and holy God, yet we are imperfect and fail him; that we follow an eternal God, yet we have only a fleeting life.  Here we catch a glimpse of the great gap between us and God.  How do we reconcile that?  

I share Moses’ confession.  His psalm prompted this prayer for me.

Jahweh, my Creator God,

  You are eternal – I am finite and bound by time.

  You are forever – I live but a brief moment and am gone.

  You are holy – I am sinful in thought and word and action.

  You are pure – I fail to follow your perfect standard.

But in Your great mercy,

  You reached down and bridged those profound differences.

  You forgave all and made me pure and holy in your eyes.

  You adopted me as your child.

  You prepared for me an eternal reward in your presence.

From everlasting to everlasting, you are my God.


Doesn’t your heart just leap for joy at this reality for us all? We live in hope. Praise his name!


Ken Chapman

Director or our Relaunch team at Foothills and avid soccer fan and ref!