Aug. 20, 2020

Scripture Readings

"A wise person knows there's something to be learned from everyone" -Anonymous.

Words cannot adequately express the layers of learning in these passages for anyone seeking wisdom. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom that stand out to me.

Wisdom is an ability to think and act using knowledge, personal experience, understanding, common sense and insight. It is often regarded as a virtue. Wisdom makes a habit of seeking knowledge from God, understanding people, objects, events and situations. It is an honest desire to apply that learning where perception, judgment, and action are needed. Wisdom works off this framework.

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens

I am grateful for the counsel of my grandfather, who was a Godly man.  His words were like a rare jewel. I learned the value of listening to good counsel, respecting the vastness of his experiences and life lessons. I observed in him humility, and it helped shape my character as I sought to be like him. I desire to offer this form of relational counsel to others.   

Wisdom in Prophecy 

The relationship between wisdom and prophecy cannot be overstated.  Both require control over one's own desires and emotional reactions so that truth can be spoken in love, received and acted upon. Without wisdom, it can be devastating for the prophet and the listener. 

Prophecy is wisdom from God. It does not seek to build oneself up, but to encourage the whole body of Christ. It requires waiting on God's timing to capture the intent of prophecy. Knowledge increases our awareness; wisdom prunes it so that it can be used.

Rejecting counsel asked for 

Rehoboam lacked compassion toward the needs of his servants. He refused the counsel of his elders and acted on his peers' advice that brought undue hardship, forever negatively impacting the trajectory widespread. Two thousand years later, the impact of his decisions is still being felt.

Wisdom is a teacher for those who are willing to listen. Listening brings us together.  

May you reflect on a saying that my mother kept. It was in the bathroom where it could readily be seen while sitting in "contemplation." There are no limits to where we can obtain wisdom. It read:

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

Susan Hastie

Wife, Mom, counsellor and now, a devotional writer!