Everlasting hope

Aug. 30, 2020

Scripture Readings

In September 2018, my family and I visited Ontario for a few days. We visited Niagara Falls and drove by Lake Ontario. I was amazed by the sheer beauty and power of the falls, and speechless at how vast and infinite Lake Ontario was. It was an incredible experience which I will never forget! Today’s psalm celebrates the creation story. It celebrates the celestial lights, the land animals, the sea creatures and the rhythm of man's life, working during the day and resting at night (for most people). The passage reflects God’s continuing commitment to care for his creation. God knows our needs better than we can ask, and we can always trust in his provision.

In 2 Corinthians 3:7-18, Paul speaks on the significance of the ministry of a new covenant, the life transforming work of the Holy Spirit. He compares the old covenant (of Moses, of condemnation) with the new covenant (of righteousness, of salvation, of the Holy Spirit). 

Whenever Moses met with God, his face shone with the glory of being in his presence. The Israelites could not look upon Moses' face because it was so bright, and they were fearful. Over time the brightness would fade away. However, the Israelites did not realize the glory was fading away, because Moses kept his face hidden by a veil. The glory was temporary, always fading away, because the people’s sacrifices and atonements were never enough to justify them.

In contrast, the ministry of the Holy Spirit is permanent through the death and resurrection of Jesus, because his Spirit dwells within us. The Spirit loves, disciplines, and disciples us into authentic fellowship with God. Verse 17 says, “For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” We are free from the controlling power of sin in our lives, and free from the impossible burden of righteous living – which is unachievable by our own efforts. We need no longer be ashamed or afraid. We can approach the throne of God's mercy knowing that his ever-present Spirit within us. His Spirit allows us to take on the perfect Image of Christ, our everlasting hope. Thank you Lord!


Bimpe Eigbe

A much loved wife and mother who is both brilliant and kind!