Pursue righteousness

Sept. 1, 2020

Scripture Readings

Like all of us, I make tracks through the valley of failure at times in my life. Sometimes we find ourselves on the pinnacle of joy and at other times in the valley of despair and disappointment when things don’t work out the way we hoped. However, how wonderful it is that we know those who have put their trust in Christ have the great and certain hope of salvation. 

Today’s passages provide strong encouragement for us. In the OT passage, we see that God is the one who pardons all our iniquity and delights in loving us. Because he loves us and wants the best for us (vs 18), he tells us to watch and wait expectantly for the God of our salvation; and he encourages us to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly before him. The proverb tells us to pursue righteousness (v21). The NT passage tells us to pursue living a life that’s pleasing to him.

The NT passage is some of the clearest accounting of what will happen to us when we pass from this life, whether we die before the Lord’s return or are raptured to meet him in the air before the great tribulation. We are either here in the body or at home with the Lord. Either way, we’ll be immediately with the Lord in heaven. What wonderful knowledge and comfort!

As Christians, we will not face the great white throne of judgment (which is only for the unsaved) because when we trusted Jesus to be our Savior, all our sins were paid for by Christ on the Cross at Calvary, and our names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. However, believers will face the judgment seat of Christ (vs 10). This is not a place of condemnation for us, but one of accountability where we will be rewarded for the things we have done in faithful obedience to the Lord. So, while we don’t ‘work’ for our salvation, the believer will give an account of himself to God. Knowing that we must one day answer to God for our deeds in the body of Christ and be recompensed (vs 10) is a powerful incentive for holiness and obedience in our walk with Christ in this life. It is a humbling thought to know that someday we as believers will face all our works in the body of Christ. Let’s press on in our desire to live a life that blesses and pleases him.


Gordon Crooks

Husband, former Alpha leader, passionate follower of Jesus!