Peace in the midst of chaos

Sept. 12, 2020

Scripture Readings

This is a time when we need to hear the voice of the Lord more than ever. In this time of heightened chaos in the world, where it seems that evil reigns all around us, there is only one voice to listen to. It is the voice of hope and of truth. Jesus, the Prince of Peace is calling us to a place where we are still and sit in his presence so we can hear what he is telling us. He is also speaking through others that are hearing his voice in this tumultuous time. 

With the threat of our freedom vanishing, wars, riots, floods, pestilence and hatred, God is calling us to be united with him and with each other. When people don’t listen to God and rely on their own human understanding, there are consequences that must happen. God is a God of peace, order and mercy. However, when his people operate in rebellion, they will find chaos, disorder and disunity around them. 

Psalm 107 distinctly shows a people that have rebelled, paid the consequence and live in poverty and misery. Yet when they finally cry out to the Lord for help, He hears them and shows them mercy.  God is a just God, One of mercy and forgiveness.  He waits for us to come to him when we are ready. He is always there, but we don’t always hear him or see him when circumstances are hard.

The Apostle Paul writes to the Corinthians that he is very frustrated with how he finds some people in the church.  In this passage he is admonishing them because they are living in sin and acting just like the world is. It doesn’t sound like he was very accepted in some places because they had fallen back into sin and were not living holy lives. When times get tough, temptations are easier to give into and we must be very careful to live free of sin and become more like Jesus. 

Through unity with each other, operating in the love of God, we can live harmoniously in our family units, our churches and nation. But it takes listening to the voice of truth and wisdom, which only comes from the Father of love of all humanity, Jesus Christ his Son, and the Holy Spirit


Heidi Bryden

Wife, mother, passionate listener to God and loves to pray