Trial and deliverance

Sept. 15, 2020

Scripture Readings

Sometimes we need God. And sometimes we really need him. 

That is to say, in the ebb and flow of life, there will be times when unexpected challenges, trials, struggles and dangers will disrupt our lives and threaten our very safety, perhaps even our existence; when our only cry is “Help!” and our only hope is “God.”

You have probably been there. Maybe you are now. Psalm 107 was written for such times like these. Oft, and appropriately entitled “God to the Rescue”, this encouraging poem praises God’s deliverance with four remarkable vignettes of struggle, triumph and praise. In verses 23-32 life is like being the unfortunate passenger on a sinking ship. In desperation, the person cries out to the Lord (28); and “God made the storm as quiet as a whisper. The waves of the ocean calmed down” (29). When you really need God, cry out to the Lord. He is listening. He will respond. He will rescue.

Isaiah 36 & 37 document another hopeless situation. Hezekiah faces insurmountable odds as Sennacherib’s large and powerful Assyrian army threatens to destroy Jerusalem. Hezekiah’s response is not unlike the doomed passenger on a sinking ship and his response is the same. His soul melts and he cries out to the Lord (37:14-20). And with probably the most unpredictable and remarkable supernatural rescues of all time, God destroyed the entire Assyrian army (185,000!) as they slept. 

In Galatians 2 Paul describes his primary mission as a keeper of the true gospel. As a harbinger and defender of salvation by grace he will travel thousands of kilometers over land and sea to spread the good news. He would face innumerable seemingly impossible situations (yes, even a shipwreck or two) of no way out. But Paul’s life is a legendary testament to God coming to his rescue, time after time, after time. 

The Bible is full of stories like these — of trial and deliverance. So is your life. Trials are part of the human journey; deliverance is His. Whatever you are facing today, if you really, really need God, he is there. Cry out to thehHim. He is listening. He will respond. He will rescue. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Jerry Orthner

The guy who makes Alpha happen at Foothills (plus just a few other things!)