Mercy and grace

Sept. 17, 2020

Scripture Readings

It’s an oft used definition. Mercy is not receiving something we deserve and grace is receiving something we don’t deserve.

The cross of Christ is the perfect expression of mercy and grace.

Have you ever had a ticket forgiven? There’s a corner on 14 Street in Calgary  that when travelling southbound you cannot turn left…apparently.

I learned this lesson one day going to the doctor’s office. It was the middle of a summer day and I was quite pleased at the lack of traffic. Quite pleased that my turn was coming. I took it, only to have a motorcycle police officer waiting patiently for me. Waving me over he told me that I couldn’t make that turn and proceeded to give me a ticket.

Needless to say I would not have made that turn if I had known what it would cost me…or if I had seen the signs.

When I look at the cross, and I read the gospels, I see a ticket that I deserved and could not get, yet I’m not the one paying it. My sin, my mistakes and the consequences for both of those, Jesus took upon himself on the cross. A debt forgiven. “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” (v13) He took my curse on himself. He took your curse on himself.

Did you know that Jesus is good for his promises? My guess is you sometimes doubt people because of broken trust and promises.

His promise of his life available in him through his death on the cross is good. Mercy and grace. It’s a simple truth. But maybe one you need to know today.



Andrew Berg

His tragic love for the Oilers and Eskimos - although no longer called that - is only counterbalanced by his love for Saskia