The children of ours

Sept. 21, 2020

Scripture Readings

As we read in Proverbs today, we are reminded of the meaning of a child being born and how that child, whether male or female, will make us proud if his heart is wise. We will rejoice as we see our children grow and prosper. Some of us will disapprove as the offspring will waver from God’s ways and what he has to offer. We will try to keep them on the right path. However, children become adults and they will make their own way in life. We can only pray that the foundation of their upbringing will encourage them to follow Jesus in their daily lives.

In Galatians, it says we need to carry each other’s burdens, and during this time, we need to support each other and do the very un-Canadian thing: “ask for help, don’t walk alone”.

Covid-19 is still very much an everyday event.  As I write this, debates are taking place as to whether children should return to the school system. Parents are concerned their child will become infected if they attend school and other parents understand the mental health implications if they withhold their child from school. There is no easy answer to this and, as parents, we will pray for wisdom in making tough decisions.

As a volunteer on a crisis line, I speak to parents (and children/young adults) about the implications and can only empathize with families as they make these hard decisions. I only pray that these decisions have the wellness of everyone concerned at heart and pray the individuals pray for wisdom. There is not an easy answer to this and whatever path is taken will have rewards and disappointments. 

What schools will look like will be different than in previous years, whether it be in person or virtual. Government leaders, teachers and staff are involved in the decision- making, along with parents and students. I pray that God is involved in the pathway forward.

The 2020 Project has been food for me and a blessing as I deal with the pandemic. The program connects me with God every morning, encouraging me. I pray it does the same for you.


George Coutts

Husband to Donna, Bridges Volunteer, Member of GIT, Crisis Line Volunteer and a Ski Friend to many