The eyes of the Lord

Sept. 9, 2020

Scripture Readings

“The eyes of the Lord keep watch over knowledge, but he frustrates the words of the unfaithful” -Psalm 22:12 

Lord, I notice that everyone seems to have an opinion these days. The tendency not to faithfully seek knowledge in your word, to listen to your ways, allows me to mock those who don’t hold my position.

The words spoken by the Oracle concerning the Desert by the Sea sound like a current news report. I sense our times are built upon the same habits as the Babylonians.

How easily I fall into believing the ideology of strident views without waiting upon your Holy Spirit. Shall I join fate of the armies of Assyria, Egypt, and Cush and suffer humiliation? Shall I join the Babylonians in defeat? 

I see in your word that you don’t just call individuals to relationship, but “peoples”. I read currently that almost half the evangelicals and a majority of the Christians in Canada believe that there is no absolute truth in our faith. A majority believe you just “need to be a nice person” to be accepted into your Kingdom. How much is this like the German church in the 1930’s? How much is it like the church in Corinth? Does my faith community receive its tenants from the culture and the government of the day? How much am I impacted by the influence of the people who preach a different gospel than the one you have revealed?

Help me Lord to:

- Be grounded in your knowledge,

- Faithful to your ways, despite the influence of culture, church cliques, and the words of false apostles,

- Engage me with a fraction of the courage of Paul, so that I may speak  where needed to help your people be reconciled to your truth, finding standing only in the power of your will.

I have read that, at key moments in history, when a people collectively seek to confess, pursue a holy walk with you, and act in worshipful attention to your ways, the wold is changed. 

I pray Lord now, for such an awakening.

Marcus Ellard

The sound man with a sound mind (and an even better heart!)