The Temple

Jan. 31, 2021

Scripture Readings

The temple is a place where God dwells. A symbol of beauty, power and presence. In Jerusalem

 it was the crowned jewel, the centre place of all life. Where is the temple in our hearts? 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 speaks of how our bodies are temples, the resting place for the Holy Spirit within us. What Jesus did on the cross allowed us to have God dwell powerfully within all of us. This is something we cannot take lightly or for granted. How does this change the way that we think and act towards others or even God himself? It is also important to note that because our bodies are temples we need to keep ourselves pure in all ways, fighting against what tries to distract and steal our hearts. Be bold and proactive in the purity that God gave you because he dwells within you. 

The Temple is also a place of worship. In Matthew 21, Jesus and thousands of other Jews were

heading towards Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Later on in the chapter, praise is mentioned twice. First, when Jesus is having his triumphant and kingly ride on a donkey into Jerusalem, people humbly laid down their cloaks for him and sang praises in welcome of him. Later, even the innocent children, when in the presence of Jesus, sang praises to him. David, in Psalm 18 praises God for delivering him from his enemies and also for God listening to him in the Temple. Now I must ask: how often do we welcome God, the Holy Spirit into ourselves with praise? How often do we rest in him and praise him innocently like children in his presence? God hears our praise. God hears our cries for help, just as he heard David’s. 

Come as you are into the presence of God. Come with praises into the Temple, the dwelling place of God. This week I challenge you to take time in the presence of God. Take 15 minutes to pray, sing and even dance in his presence. Remember God is not just a God who is present and listens, God is active in our lives. But it all starts in the Temple before the fruit is shown in the streets. 

Caleb Carlson

One of our brilliant and thoughtful young adults who loves serving Jesus and beating his brother at basketball!