A Mystery

Oct. 5, 2021

Scripture Readings

As a child I loved mystery books. Weekly, I left the library with stacks of Nancy Drew books--The Secret of the Old Clock, The Sign of the Twisted Candles, and many, many, more. I would read with great anticipation and try to guess the solution to the mystery through the various clues but seldom was able until the author revealed other things that had been happening in the background that I, as the reader, did not previously know or suspect. Then everything made sense.

Our New Testament passage today talks about the mystery, something previously unknown, something that had been happening in the background of which humanity had been unaware and no one even suspected. Throughout the Old Testament, God showed up in the nitty gritty of ordinary life, but his people forgot him and they felt that he had forgotten them. But there was the promise of better things, of a ruler (Messiah) who would make things right for the Jewish people and release them from bondage. 

Then Jesus came and some recognized him as the Messiah; their hope was finally going to be fulfilled! But he was killed and their hopes were dashed.

This was all part of the plot and this passage states it clearly. God’s plan was twofold, that the gift of a Messiah was not only for the Jewish people but for all people, and that he was not an external ruler, but Christ actually living in us! This is such amazing news with such a powerful impact that Paul was happy to suffer in order that people find this previously unknown gift and embrace it. Christ living in us gives us God’s mighty power to do what is right, to live in unity, to have wisdom, to serve, to be encouraged! What else could we ever want or need?

Today, as we go about our ‘nitty gritty of ordinary life,’ let’s remember, moment by moment, that Christ is actually living in us with all of his mighty power to address whatever life circumstances we face. Let’s tell him our concerns and our dreams and ask for his wisdom, encouragement, and power. He has promised to give it. Praise helps to remind us of his presence--let’s continually praise him as our Psalm today encourages us, `For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.’ 

Eleanor Protheroe