Life Values to Live By

Dec. 22, 2021

Scripture Readings

Each year, December 22 is always a day for me to celebrate. One, because it is three days to Christmas and the yuletide celebrations are at their height, but also because it is my birthday. It is the day I get to say: I was launched into the world and brought forth by God, to be one He walks with on this side of heaven. It’s a day I take stock of where I am and how the past year(s) has shaped me. I must confess the passages assigned did not mention any birthdays at all; however, in Proverbs, we get deep, thought-out life values to reflect on.

Proverbs 31 is super popular! It has been used and overused to describe what many see as the perfect “spiritual” woman. Many focus on the part that describes the attributes of this woman and use their interpretation to gauge the women God brings across their way. As I reacquainted myself with the passage for the purpose of this devotional, I decided to take this day to reflect on the author’s original purpose. As she raised him, the author’s mother advised her son how to live and what to focus his mind on (v. 1-3). King Lemuel was deeply inspired by the many principles his mum laid out for living life and called this strong advice.

She encouraged him to not waste his strength chasing after women, who could ruin kings and leaders (v. 3). He was encouraged to limit his drinking, which could lead to misbehavior that included misappropriating justice by forgetting God’s law (v. 5). Most importantly, he was encouraged to speak out for those who could not speak for themselves and to ensure the poor and helpless received justice (v. 8-9). She covered the bases of being a kind, honorable and admirable individual, and we are blessed to have these laid out in the Bible for our benefit.

I wish our Lord Jesus, and our December celebrants, a Happy Birthday. I pray we all strive to be individuals that maintain our integrity by speaking up for the poor and helpless. That we stay in the company of those with good conduct, and most importantly, we prioritize keeping God’s just laws, thereby allowing us to live a new year fully focused on God and His plan for us.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

Seyi Odewale