Just the Way it’s Supposed to Be

Dec. 24, 2021

Scripture Readings

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas, the day chosen to commemorate our Saviour’s birth. It may seem odd to be reading Revelation during Advent, but actually, it’s extremely appropriate. Just as God timed Jesus’ birth, he will perfectly time the end of time.

Galatians 4:4 tells us that when the time had fully come, God sent his Son. The scourge of the Roman Empire, seen by the Jews as a huge problem, was actually one of the things God used to prepare the world for Jesus. The Romans put into place a road system that still exists, allowing followers of Christ to spread the good news. There was a common language (Greek) thanks to Alexander the Great, and the Roman pantheistic worldview accepted the idea of one more God. Ironically, Roman beliefs tempered the actions of the Jewish religious leaders who would have persecuted Christians more vigorously if they could have. The people longed for a Saviour, and through the suffering they endured at the hands of the Romans, God orchestrated the time for Jesus to arrive.

Just as Jesus’ arrival was perfectly timed, so will the end be. At some point, from the vantage of heaven, we will see how world events connected beautifully and seamlessly, and everything unfolded as it should. There will be suffering. Although there are many viewpoints and understandings of exactly how end time events will unfold, a thread of suffering runs through each narrative. We may feel fear, but ultimately, we need not, as all will occur as it should, and our loving God will be in control.

The other big reason we need not fear? We belong to Jesus. Because of our Saviour’s perfectly timed birth, death and resurrection, we are on the winning side. No matter what happens to us in earthly terms, eternally, we will be safe.

One night long ago, a baby’s cry was heard, and all of heaven rejoiced. One day, sometime in the past, you made a decision for Jesus, and all of heaven rejoiced. One day, at some future point, God will win the final battle with evil, and all of creation will rejoice. It will all turn out just the way it’s supposed to, because of God’s great love for us, personified through Jesus. Merry Christmas. 

Karen Vine