He Alone

Dec. 29, 2021

Scripture Readings

As we enter this new year, many of us have goals we are hoping to achieve. Some may want to start exercising, others may want to stop a habit or behaviour. And while I always have several goals I want to achieve, I have one this year and that is to truly acknowledge that God alone is in control and stop holding back. In Psalm 148:13 the Psalmist states that God alone is exalted and in Revelation God’s power and control is still demonstrated on a massive scale in times of great chaos. Letting go of control is something I have struggled with for most of my life. It caused me a lot of frustration and I have wasted a lot of my energy on trying to hold onto things, willing them to not change. In clinging harder to these things we feel a need to hold onto, like money, family, friends, work, school, and more, pushes God away and often causes us to cling tighter to these worldly aspects which in turn pushes God further. It creates a cycle that requires an interception, a choice, to end it. Making the choice to let go is incredibly difficult and I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever done it to the extent I need to. The only way we are able to make this choice is with the help of God. He alone is exalted, we trust in him alone, he will not abandon us. Letting go is not something we should fear but something to embrace in our walk with God. As we approach the new year let us remember that God alone is in control, and he is good.

Megan Adrian