New beginnings

Dec. 30, 2021

Scripture Readings

A new beginning: A clean slate, a breath of fresh air, a new adventure. Exciting and frightening at the same time, facing a vast expanse of “unknown”.

Sometimes we’re drawn towards one by curiosity; other times dragged, clinging to the comforts of routine. Sometimes we long for one, desperate for change.

We can rely on new beginnings. Some even get a countdown clock. So long as this rock we stand on rotates around the sun, there are plenty of new beginnings to be had.

Hard as it can be to trust, at times, we know that Jesus is in the mix with all new beginnings. And he invites us to participate. With open hearts and open minds we don’t need to see what lies ahead to know that he is there and doing new things.

Ultimately, we know “a new heaven and a new earth” await us in the end. Better yet, we participate in bringing this new beginning one step closer when we serve our neighbours and bring light to the darkness around us. We will get to see every tear dried. We will find rest for our weary souls. We have hope in Jesus, and it isn’t an idle hope--it’s a dynamic hope, building and building until this life passes away and all new things arrive.

My simple prayer for us as we (almost) step into a new year is that we would seize every new beginning as an opportunity, not a burden, and keep our eyes up, looking towards our ultimate hope. Jesus is just ahead, inviting us into the unknown and into life everlasting. His wisdom will guide us and his love will keep us close through the trials and triumphs of adventure. A new beginning awaits.

Ryan Plett