Hearing the Voice of God

Dec. 31, 2021

Scripture Readings

It will likely be remembered as one of the few “really good ideas” Ian ever had as Lead Pastor of Foothills! I had a concern that many of us struggled to consistently read the good book … really, the best book. We wanted to read it but we just weren’t sure how to make that a reality in our lives. So I created the 2020 project. The original vision was to encourage people to read through the Bible in 2020 but that quickly became too small a vision for this endeavor. I realized that reading the Bible is a really good thing, but the truly noble and transformative thing was not found in reading but in hearing God’s voice. The vision expanded to a daily devotional written by a Foothills Family member based on the reading of the day that would help us hear from God.

This was truly the brilliant idea behind the entire project. (Have I reminded you lately that the name Ian is embedded in the word brilliant?! Yes … and it’s also in the word deviant. Enough said.)

So I gathered a team of really smart and committed people to create the app (thanks Matt Rempel and Gabriel Lucas) and others to manage all the administrative details: Jacquie Rempel, Tranh Lee, Karen Vine, Andrea Bieganek and Dayla Lahring. Many others volunteered to edit our submissions but the real heroes of the project were the dozens of men, women, teens and young adults who offered to write devotionals to help us hear from God each day. The project was so impactful, that we made a few tweeks and ran it for a second year.

The time has come to put it to bed and find other pathways to systematically encounter God and His voice to us.

I must say thank you to every person who bravely and passionately wrote, edited, organized, posted and made this project such a meaningful reality for us all. Special thanks to the Elders who were supportive and freely made the assets required to make such a ministry available.

One of the best things about the project is that it was created and envisioned before we had ever heard of a virus called COVID 19. And as much as the genius of the project was enabling us to hear from God, it also allowed us to stay a little bit connected to each other in the midst of a raging pandemic that made social distancing a devastating reality.

I’m honored that our team leaders have given me the privilege of the last word and I apologize now for blowing past the 300-400 word expectation!

The angel who was giving the disciple John this remarkable vision on a Greek Island named Patmos began his final words to John with: “These words are trustworthy and true.” He added a blessing for the one who would keep these words. He ended with a very scary warning for anyone who we attempt to add to these words of prophecy.

John’s final words? Predictably, he gives Jesus the nod. And Jesus says, “Yes! I am coming soon!” All that John could say to that was “Amen! Maranatha! (which means come Lord Jesus.)

In the midst of a pandemic that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon, we are all tempted to say, “Maranatha.” He will come again. He promised that He would and He always keeps His promises. (Remember, his words are trustworthy and true!). Jesus has always been the hope of the world. John writes in this last chapter of our Bibles that he is “the Alpha and the Omega” … “the first and the last” … the “beginning and the end.” He is the bright “Morning Star” who will continue to illuminate our days and our journeys and our stories.

He promises us all that He will return! He is our blessed hope! (Titus 2:13). And it is this true and trustworthy book that alone can prepare us for that day. We all desperately need to hear from God every day of our lives. 

May we always be “people of the book.” It has been an honor to share this project with you. But it has been our sacred privilege to hear from God. Nothing matters more. 

The truth.  Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

Ian Trigg