What's in Your Hands?

Feb. 22, 2021

Scripture Readings

My favourite miracle in the bible aligns with the passage entrusted to me today! The feeding of the 5,000 has always captured my imagination, even from childhood, as I tried imagining, not only the enormity of the meal that was provided, but the buzz that would have developed throughout the entire region for months when people recalled the miraculous meal they had eaten!

While the heading over the passage of my bible reads ‘Jesus feeds the 5,000,’ I’ve come to appreciate a deeper lesson over the years… a truth I want to share with you today.

You see, Jesus didn’t actually feed the 5,000, his disciples did! The actual miracle of that miraculous feast didn’t occur when the loaves and fish were in the hands of Jesus. It happened when the meal was being dispensed by his followers.

While Jesus took the food and ‘blessed and broke it,’ only after the disciples started into the crowd did the miracle of multiplication take place. This involved a lot of trust and faith in the hearts of the disciples. Think of it; divide five loaves and two fish by 12 and you don’t have a lot in your hands to start with, especially when you are facing a crowd of well over 5,000 (that number was just the men, not to speak of women and children) The disciples could only step into the crowd having learned from Jesus that …. “If he Says It, I Believe it, and that Settles It!”

That’s the truth that has always challenged my heart when reading of this miraculous feast. Not only can Jesus feed 5000, but whatever he has placed in my hands each day can have an enormous impact when used with his purposes in mind, even when I am not sure of the outcome. I guess that is what ‘trust’ actually is!

Trusting God to work miracles in the midst of the impossible starts with an obedient heart. Don’t try to figure it all out beforehand. That’s the posture with which David commenced Psalm 25. He too found himself in a tough situation, but declared, “In you, Lord my God, I put my trust, I trust in you.”

What has God set in motion in your life today that might require you to ‘trust him with all your heart?” Don’t hold back from Jesus… step out in faith and leave the outcome to him!

Tim Beadle

Our Missional Engagement Team Lead who used to be a Salvation Army Officer!