Hold onto the Commands of God

Feb. 23, 2021

Scripture Readings

In reading today’s passages and writing this piece, I pondered, “what was meaningful to me? What mattered? What did I really wonder about in these verses?” Recently, a lot of activities start this way for me as an attempt at making my time more meaningful and intentional. As each day goes by, I learn more and more that keeping things simple and asking what, how, when and why brings me to a place of clarity and hope.

Psalm 25 reminds us that a good and upright God cares for us. His ways to us are loving and faithful. In his word, God reminds us that we are forgiven, guided, counselled and rescued. In the most simple tense WE ARE BLESSED. We are reminded of the many good and pleasant things we have been gifted. From the beginning, God has shown his love towards us and leads us consistently to bask in it. The passage says; He delights in communion with us, so we can learn the secrets of his plans and walk accordingly to the ways he has laid out for us. This sounds easy enough right? However, let’s look around, we find evidence of our disobedience, and rebellion shown over time. We are prone to wander.

God’s children wandering off is evidenced from the time of Moses, David through to the days our Lord walked the earth; Mark 7 tells us the Pharisees and teachers of the law (knowledgeable men) came a long way to commune with Jesus and his disciples; However, their main concern was to focus on what Jesus’s men were doing wrong. They easily put what a man was doing wrong before all the good that God was doing right in their midst. They were determining the disciple’s cleanliness as wrong based on traditions instead of watching God work and learning his simple message of care and kindness.


A practice of mine to prevent myself from falling into the same trap of prioritizing human traditions and wandering off from Gods lessons, is studying his word: In Mark 7 vs 8 Jesus said You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to human traditions. I encourage us to prioritize a return to holding on to God and his commands; and letting go of human traditions

Seyi Odewale

The proudest newest aunt in our church family. Ask for pictures and you’ll see why she’s so excited!