Bread of Life

Feb. 24, 2021

Scripture Readings

In our passage in Mark today, we observe Jesus continuing to show his great love and compassion through miraculous healing and provision. A man who is deaf and unable to speak is brought by friends to Jesus. Jesus responds by taking him aside and, in a manner that perhaps seems quite strange to us, heals him of his affliction! Mark 7:34,35 says, “He (Jesus) looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, ‘Ephphatha’ (Be opened!)”. At these words, the scriptures say that “the man’s ears were opened and his tongue was loosened...”. The barrier to hearing and speaking was miraculously removed by Jesus. He experienced freedom from that which had placed limits on his life and relationships.  

Do you need a physical touch from Jesus today? Our passage reminds us that Jesus cares for our physical needs. Or maybe, like our passage, you have a friend or family member with a physical need. Take a moment to lift them up in prayer today.  

This man’s healing involved Jesus “opening” and “loosening”.

What might you need to be “opened” in your life today? Your eyes - to see Jesus more clearly in your life or to see others as he does? Your heart - to be more open to him or to heal a deep wound? Your ears - to hear his voice more clearly?

What may need to be “loosened” in your life today? Your faith - to be more bold? Your tongue - to share about Jesus or to encourage others more? Or maybe you need to let go of something? - a habit or an attitude?

Ask him to open or loosen something in your spiritual life today that you might grow in your faith and Christ-likeness.  

Then in chapter 8 we see Jesus miraculously provides for the needs of a hungry crowd because he had compassion for them (8:2 NIV). Jesus has compassion for you and I too. He cares for all of our needs and is our provider.  

And he alone can satisfy the deepest hunger in our lives.  

What are you hungry for today? Peace? Contentment? To know Jesus better? Jesus wants to provide for you. He is the Bread of Life.

Whatever is on your mind or heart today, like David in our Psalm, come to him in prayer.  Receive his touch and provision for your life.

Mandy Trask

Mandy’s one of the kindest persons you could ever meet who serves faithfully on our Elders Board