Holding My Hand

Feb. 25, 2021

Scripture Readings

I am both troubled and encouraged by our reading in the book of Mark today.

First of all, Jesus’ friends did not remember to bring bread. Well, they bring one loaf. But there are a lot of people. Ok, I, too, forget to do good and efficient things more and more these days. 

Next, Jesus’ friends don’t understand what Jesus is teaching. Yeah, sometimes that’s me too when I am not seeing truth with my eyes or hearing God’s truth in my life.  

Then, Jesus says their hearts are hardened. This is a bit confusing to me, because in the same conversation, Peter says he knows that Jesus is the Messiah. Hmmm, it’s possible not to have a soft heart even as a follower of Jesus. I can identify with that as well. 

Lastly, Peter begins to rebuke Jesus. Jesus plainly says of himself that he will suffer, be rejected by religious leaders, be killed, and then rise again - and Peter has the audacity to rebuke him! 

What is Jesus’ response to Peter’s rebuke? It is swift and strong. “Satan, get behind me!” 

Then Jesus explains to Peter, “You are thinking about human concerns instead of the concerns of God.” Oh, that’s true for me too. Sometimes my thoughts center on human possibilities and worries, and even on ideas that are selfish and proud at their core. 

But here’s the idea that encourages me. Right in the middle of all these troubling interactions, a blind man is brought to Jesus. The blind man’s friends beg Jesus to simply touch him. But Jesus does more than just touch him. Jesus takes his hand and holds it. Jesus - the Messiah, the Teacher, indeed the Saviour – holds the man’s hand, and leads him away from the crowd to heal him.

That’s me too. Jesus holds my hand. He knows my faults, my weaknesses, my deep sinfulness, and still he gently holds my hand. He wants to lead me away from the crowds to heal me – to make me whole. 

Thank you, Jesus, for holding my hand every moment of my day. Help me to remember your words, to understand them, to have a soft heart, and to focus on God’s concerns. Amen.

Patti Love

Patti gives leadership to some of the best volunteers at Foothills in our Intercultural Ministries.