Path of Faith

Feb. 26, 2021

Scripture Readings

I love the readings for today. There is so much packed into these texts. I encourage you to read them more than once.

In our Psalms reading David is full of such admirable confidence in God. David has confidence that God will answer his prayer; he wants God to teach him. , He is firm on the ground on which he stands. As I was reading this I was asking myself “Do I have this confidence in God, do I feel stable on the ground I’m standing on?” 

I wanted my answer to be yes but if I’m being honest it can be quite difficult to have this unwavering faith, trust, and confidence in God. 

We see this in our reading from Mark 9 where we read about the man whose son had just been delivered from the holds of a demon, plead to Jesus saying “Help me with my unbelief”.

I relate most with this plea and find this a familiar phrase that leaves my mouth during my prayers before I go to sleep. What I’ve been learning as I grow up is that unbelief isn’t just taken from me. Faith in Jesus needs to be nurtured through spiritual discipline and devotion. My faith is built on continually building my relationship with God.

The confidence that David has in God is nurtured and grown through experiencing life with the knowledge that we are not alone and that is only done through a relational experience. God is walking through life with us and he is eager to teach us, to grow our faith and trust in the relationship we have with him. 

Jesus is not angry when it comes to our doubts; he’s not worried. 

He longs for us to seek him and find him amid our doubts. He promises that he is never far off. We are sinful, imperfect human beings and Jesus understands that. We are eternally blessed to be covered by his unending grace and mercy, which encourages me to live a life of passion and love and walk on that level ground with Jesus leading the way. Life with God is so much sweeter than I imagined, and I’m reminded daily that as we walk through this life we demonstrate to everyone we encounter that the path of faith is the happiest way to live. 

Emma Regehr

Emma loves serving others at church (and is a pretty good server on the volleyball court too!)