Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Feb. 27, 2021

Scripture Readings

…Who is the greatest of them all?  

Jesus’ disciples, at this stage of the journey, knew he was the Messiah, the one the Jewish people for centuries had been longing for and expected would make the Jews great again. Jesus began talking about his death, which did not make much sense to them, but it signalled a shift which could only mean one thing – Jesus was going to make his move to rule and they, as his good friends, would be right by his side. Exciting to imagine!

As they journeyed they argued about which of them was the greatest and should get the top spot beside Jesus. I can imagine Andrew arguing that since he was the first to discover Jesus and realize he was the Messiah, he had the discernment and perspective needed. Matthew, a tax collector, understood the Roman system and had fiscal experience; surely those were important assets for the top job. Peter was the spokesman – he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and ‘tell it like it is.’ fThe argument went on.  

When they were behind closed doors, Jesus asked what they were arguing about as they walked but they were too ashamed to reply. Jesus then spelled out what greatness looks like in his kingdom - servanthood and welcoming little children. Greatness in God’s kingdom is not measured by how much honour, respect and service they received, but by how much honour, respect and service they gave. Giving not to the rich and powerful who already have had plenty, but to little children, to the weak, those without status and justice, those who didn’t have a voice. Matt 25:35-36 elaborates - the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger in need, those needing clothing, the sick and those in prison.

We all have a need to be recognized, but Matthew 6:1-4 teaches us that rather than pursuing recognition from people, we need only the applause of our Father in heaven to bring true satisfaction.  

So, rather than comparing myself to others I can look in the mirror on the wall and ask, ‘Do I see a servant? Do I see someone who daily welcomes little children? Someone who speaks and acts in the interest of those without status, those in need?’

Father, all whose lives intersect with mine today are people you want me to honour, respect, and serve. Lead me to the most vulnerable. Show them your love through me.

Eleanor Protheroe

Eleanor is a palliative care doctor for AHS and loves caring for others out of her love for Jesus.